Unicom Cloud


UnicomCloud is a leading organization in Cloud Computing architecture and services. We are working in the most innovative areas of IT and provide hands-on consulting, advanced software development projects, implementation and training. Our clients have described our approach as practical and solution-oriented. We keep our eyes on our clients´ projects objectives and requirements and are focused on providing tangible results and real value.

36456456456-(3)Being a golden partner for Oracle® MEA, gives us a competitive edge in distributing Oracle® products and their applications.

Unicom UCloud has the rights to sell (Exadata) and (Exalogic) servers and SUN devices.

We provide Oracle® cloud services (SaaS) on latest and largest (Exadata) and (Exalogic) servers through a high bandwidth.

We are also superior in providing (PaaS) and (IaaS) from Oracle®.

Unicom Ucloud offers the fastest applications at all, so as to provide databases (RAC 11gr2 and InfiniBand adapters and property of (Hybrid columnar compression) to provide a very large memory space on the servers of the (Exadata) as well as the elastic and highly-advanced (Exalogic) servers. Also, programs and databases that we possess can be formed on demand for large memory sizes or small so that you can enjoy the best performance of data.

We built the cloud computing data center after extensive research with the advisory groups with the presence of administrative efficiency for business continuity around the clock and are working to reduce the environmental burden and the combination of the highest levels of protection and the latest technology of cloud computing.

Our information centers contain abundant sources of energy and a permanent network connection in addition to the HVAC system, environmental monitoring and control access to physical safety, it’s also a safe and environmentally friendly.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Program design is very complex. Besides, there are many other required tasks as well, such as, software bug fixing or hardware upgrades, which may cause a deviation from your main business focus. Hence, allow us to manage your business infrastructure so that you have additional time to concentrate on your core business and clients.

We perform hosting for the following applications:

  1. All Oracle® products (ebusiness, Seibel, PeopleSoft, etc…)
  2. Other products such as (SAP and C#)
  3. All Java Applications