Unicom Soft


UnicomSoft has been established to develop and manage software-related products and business solutions along with their related services for all MENA markets. UnicomSoft supports other Unicom units or entities as well in order to achieve Unicom’s pioneer vision in providing developments for solutions and sales.

UnicomSoft Products

MunicipalitiesA System that provides a complete and a powerful solution package for managing and control municipalities’ day-to-day activities such as:

  • Receiving citizens calls and complaints (Cases).
  • Dispatching the cases to field supervisors.
  • Online municipalities’ vehicles tracking.
  • Field Supervisors daily, weekly and monthly work schedules.
  • Providing field supervisors, the latest Handheld devices to complete their work in an efficient way and to provide the municipality a system administration to control and to stay online with field supervisors.
  • Field surveys and irregularities control.
  • System users can update the system maps easily by adding new addresses related to the municipality services.
  • Providing a wide range of management reports for all management levels.

control-roomOperation or emergency rooms Management system provides a complete solution for managing control rooms activities in perfect and simple procedures, giving users all necessities for doing their jobs in ideal ways.

The system is built to support in:

  • Receiving emergency calls for immediate assistance request.
  • Dispatching emergency rescue teams and following up to deal with the situation in quick and professional manner
  • Following up on field remotely
  • Integrating with other supporting authorities
  • Being fully compatible with Geographic information systems and satellite tracking systems
  • Identifying and fixing errors on occurrence
  • Providing several reports that support decision-making centers
  • Providing Business Intelligence mechanisms that also support the decision-making centers through revealing all necessary secret information

erp-systemIs an Enterprise Resource Planning for small and medium companies. UnicomSoft ERP is mainly oriented for Transportation and fleet management companies. UnicomSoft ERP consists of the following main modules:

  • Transportation Management.
  • Buss Operation Management.
  • Travel Agencies System.
  • UnicomSoft Enterprise Core.
    • Accounting
    • Inventory Management.
    • Sales and Procurement.
    • Human Resources and Payroll.
    • Fixed assets.
    • Billing System.
    • Time attendance.

taxi-systemA system that provides a comprehensive solution for managing taxi companies from running transactions, booking and dispatching, and issuing invoices, along with with driver and vehicles management tools.

The system is built to give:

  • Excellent services for customers by assigning the closest available taxi for the customer location and the ability for tracking the taxi route and speed within the trip to ensure the best service and security for the customer.
  • Auto location and short path recognition.
  • Easy to use driver screen that he uses to accept / reject orders and issuing customers invoices.
  • Powerful Vehicles management tools.
  • Vehicles maintenance management.
  • Vehicle tracking system offered by Unicom Track



A computer-based Tenders and Project Management System that supports companies in managing, monitoring and controlling the tender through the internet.



A computer system that provides service management and follow-up tasks for teams at the facilities including the recording of tasks for human resources in an easy and comfortable working environment.


A system designed for call centers to manage customers’ information and follow-up on their cases along with many features designed to provide better services to customers and the company’s departments.

learning-systemA computer-based system directed towards Universities and Training Centers. It provides a complete solution for managing and building interactive classrooms through advanced tools for instructors and learners that serve in delivering the information form the instructor’s to the learner’s computer in an extremely effective manner.

The system is built to give:

  • Lectures, tutorials and interactive management tools
  • Accompanying tools that explain the course content, which supports all types of academic content files, from text files to audio, or movie files.
  • Tools to facilitate communication through computers between the instructor and the learners
  • Academic content management and interactive content management tools
  • Test bank management tools
  • Tools for managing trainings, tests and their results
  • Tools for managing courses’ schedules
  • Live monitoring for learners with the ability to get an immediate assessment on the tasks assigned to them

Wide range of learners’ performance assessment tools along with evaluation of the percentage of reports’ completeness