Unicom Track


An intelligent vehicle tracking system from Unicom, ideal for authorities, companies, and authorities. An intelligent service based on Global Positioning System (GPS) technology via GPS satellites and set a wide range of services and functions that enable users to track his/her vehicles and to accurately manage its utility in an idyllic and easy way.




Through Unciom’s own tracking gate Unicom Track the user may browse the system and monitor his/her own vehicles live and in real time. Besides, the user may perform many other functions such as generating reports related to vehicles’ activities, speeds, and irregularities in various forms.


Tcjcnt3u6he tracking system has the following functions:

  1. Identification of the vehicle location via satellite system
  2. Defining the vehicle speed during movement
  3. Shutting down fuel and electricity system by remote control
  4. Possibility of talking with the driver
  5. Possibility of locking the vehicle doors and closing windows
  6. Automatic transmission for SOS or Help messages

cjcnt3u6Unicom introduces tracking devices to be installed on vehicles to be tracked. We use our own GPS/GSM AT1E,AT5I tracking device, which is able to send data through GPRS and SMS.

Main functions:

  • Can be installed on any vehicle (small and big cars, buses, trucks etc).
  • Device can be set to send data with high accuracy with a delay of only 5 seconds.
  • Outer cover made of aluminum that allows the device to tolerate inclement transportation conditions such as high temperatures and rough shaking
  • The device enables the user to make sure that doors are closed.
  • The device enables the user to specify one or more geographical area for the device. If the device goes outside of this area, the system will be alarmed.
  • A built-in program which saves the costs of sending GPS information (Smart algorithm for GPS traffic saving).
  • Supports TCP/IP & UDP/IP protocols.
  • Its settings can be controlled through SMS by using certain groups of numbers to ensure confidentiality.
  • It works with a sensor mode to reduce cost. The device enables its user to switch off the vehicle and not to allow the driver to restart it.