Unicom UMaps


A consulting and engineering services company that specializes in providing a wide range of Geospatial Services and Solutions for the public and private sectors throughout the Middle East, with a strong commitment to service, quality, and client satisfaction.

Our Services

mobile mapperUnicom – Umaps primary service is Mobile Mapping Services

Unicom is a pioneer in the deployment of mobile mapping technology in the Middle East, using the VISAT (Video Inertial SATellite), Intelligent Laser Ranging Imaging System, In addition to Optech Lynx Mobile Mapping System. This advanced mobile mapping system combines LiDAR data with high resolution digital image collection to meet the accuracy required for today’s engineering grade applications and solutions. Unicom – Umaps is unique in that we use three major revolutionary world lead mobile mapping system

visat vanVISAT™ system integrates a cluster of digital cameras

Integrates a cluster of digital cameras, GPS receiver, an INS, and DMI to collect panoramic views along roadways throughout the project area. The VISAT™ system implements the idea of storing georeferenced digital images as the basic unit and of combining an arbitrary number of such image units to obtain the specific information required.

LIDARGenerates rich survey-grade LiDAR and image data from moving vehicles — at highway speeds. At the forefront of technology, Lynx integrates the latest innovation in LiDAR sensors with multiple perspective LiDAR imaging and best-in-class imaging, navigation, product warranty and support.


ILRIS-3D Intelligent Laser Ranging and Imaging System

Is a complete, fully portable, laser-based imaging and digitizing system for the commercial survey, engineering markets.

gis data collection unicomUnicom Umaps specializes in GIS Data Collection and Management Unicom has a staff of Consultants who fully understand your GIS needs and who can analyze your system and provide guidance on implementation, software, and database and application problems, including GIS Database Development, GIS Analysis and Modeling, Enterprise GIS Systems, Desktop GIS Applications.

Unicom – Umaps specializes in 3D City Modeling and Visualization

3D city models incorporate all of the important massing details of a city’s buildings, along with topographically accurate ground features. Unicom – Umaps provides comprehensive city models in both detail and coverage. 3D City models is created from photogrammetry information; LiDAR, aerial LiDAR , oblique photography, or mobile mapping system .